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Wahnfried was the name given by Richard Wagner to his villa in Bayreuth. The name is a German compound of Wahn and Fried.

The New Palace – ‘Neues Schloss’ in German – is located on the eastern side of Bayreuth centre and dates from the 17th century. Like so much else in the town, it stems from the time of Margravine Wilhelmine and was built as a residence to replace the ‘Old Palace’ which had been badly damaged by fire.


Franz-Liszt-Museum, is the house where Franz Liszt stayed until his death in 1886 while visiting the Bayreuth Festival. In various cities where the pianist, composer and music pedagogue Franz Liszt worked, there are museums and / or monuments.

Hermitage Bayreuth, In 1715 Margrave Georg Wilhelm built the Old Palace near the residential town of Bayreuth as the central feature of a court hermitage. In 1753, when Margrave Friedrich took over the government of the margraviate, he presented the Hermitage to his wife Wilhelmine.